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As a RICA agent, you are responsible for the SIM activations that you perform or are performed using your RICA device.

  • You agree to validate a mobile phone subscriber’s details against their proof of identification (South African identity document or passport) ensuring that the subscriber resembles the photograph within.

  • You agree to verify the subscriber's address by inspecting a bank statement, municipal rates and taxes invoice, telephone or mobile phone account not older than 3 months, or any other utility bill or an account of a retailer not older than 3 months, or an existing lease, rental or credit sale agreement, insurance policy, a current TV licence or a new motor vehicle licence document.

  • You undertake to capture mobile phone subscribers /RICA particulars as accurately as possible.

  • You undertake to prevent fraudulent submissions of false registration information which may result in a RICA registration failure and a failed subscriber activation.

  • You agree to attend to the registration of a mobile phone subscriber in accordance with the requirements of the RICA Act, and you understand that this requirement may change from time to time.

  • You agree to keep all the information disclosed to yourself by a mobile phone subscriber, confidential and will not disclose any RICA information to 3rd parties.

  • You undertake to perform a RICA registration on all persons to the best of your ability.

  • You warrant that the information provide is true and accurate.

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